Socks and boot cuffs

Hand knitted socks

Here in this subcategory you will find hand knitted socks: over the knee socks, knee high socks, short wool socks, baby wool socks and knit pilates socks or yoga socks.

Hand knitted socks are still one of the top Christmas gifts. That is because socks are a part of our everyday outfit and there will never be too many of them! Nevertheless, socks cable knitted by HandyDuo are not ordinary. They all have different styles, lengths and colors. Hand knitted socks can be worn instead of home slippers or as boot socks. Wool socks are recommended even for newborns. And finally, knitted pilates/yoga socks are perfect for exercise and can cheer up every yoga/pilates lover.

Boot cuffs

Besides socks, HandyDuo also make boot accessories – boot cuffs which are also called boot toopers. They can be knit from chunky or fine natural fibers, acrylic yarn or a mix.

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