Fingerless and half finger gloves

Open finger gloves – fingerless and half finger gloves

Here you can choose from a great variety of handmade open finger gloves – fingerless gloves and half finger gloves. They all keep hands warm but also do not restrict you from using a smartphone or driving a car.

Hand knitted fingerless gloves are perfect for cool fall/spring days or winter season. Here you will find a lot of black, grey, brown, blue, pink and other colored gloves. Like all HandyDuo items, these fingerless gloves are made from high quality yarn.

Hand knitted half finger gloves are a bit more difficult to knit than fingerless gloves and require more attention to details. Many half finger gloves are unisex and suit for both women and men. They are available in various sizes. But if you have special requests for design, size or color, HandyDuo artisans are open and willing to help.

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