Convertible gloves

In this subcategory you will find plenty hand knitted convertible mittens. These mitten gloves are also called convertible gloves, flip top mittens, half finger mittens or glomitts. There are three types of the convertible gloves: they can have closed thumbs, open thumbs or thumbs with opening caps. HandyDuo artisans are very proud of these hand knitted flip top mittens and truly believe you’ll love them, too. So find your favourite design of gloves and also choose a pair for your friend – handmade mittens can be a cute Christmas or birthday gift.

Convertible mittens – the most practical and stylish autumn/winter gloves

All convertible gloves are half finger gloves that convert to mittens. They have flip tops which can cover your fingers or can be buttoned back. Simply cap fingers when it’s cold. But uncover them when you need to use your smartphone or any other device. That is why half finger mittens are so practical and suited for both fall and winter seasons. Furthermore, hand knitted glomitts are exclusive accessories. They can be a stylish addition to your apparel. HandyDuo shop has many natural shades and solid, bright colors available. Wool, merino wool, alpaca wool, cashmere and acrylic yarn are materials used for knitting these gloves. So keep warm, comfortable and fashionable with hand knitted convertible mittens!

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