Cat/dog clothes

Pet clothing

Here you will find hand knitted pet clothes: dog sweaters and cat jumpers of different styles. They are all made from merino wool or acrylic fibers. These materials are warm, soft and does not cause itch unlike pure sheep wool.

Hand knitted cat jumpers

Hairless cats (breeds: Sphynx, Bambino, Peterbald, Donskoy, etc.) require special care bacause they are sensitive to both cool and sunny weather. Fortunately, HandyDuo can help solve one of these problems – dress your cat in a cable knit warm jumper/sweater and your friend will be safe from cold.

Hand knitted dog sweaters

Dogs with short hair should be dressed during cold days, too. Hand knitted dog sweaters/jumpers can have long or short sleeves and the collar might be of different length. No matter which design you prefer, HandyDuo can knit a sweater specially for you pet. Also, many different colors of merino wool and acrylic yarn are available.

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