About us

Aušra and Simona – HandyDuo artisans

Hello! I am Simona and my mom’s name is Aušra. Together we are the duo of craft enthusiasts who enjoy handmaking unique but also practical items. We come from Lithuania (for those who are not experts in world geography – it is a small country in Europe located at the Baltic sea). Lithuanians are well known for their traditional crafts which combine art and meticulous work. So maybe that love for handicrafts is encoded in our blood and passed down from generation to generation?.. However it is, we can truly say that knitting, felting and crocheting is something we know and feel the best. There are many other crafts we tried before but those three techniques are the most pleasing for us.

Aušra has learned knitting over forty years ago, but it has always been just a hobby or a way of self-expression. In only 2011 Aušra dared to show her hand knitted works to the world. Soon she noticed that people still look for handmade items and love to give them as special one-of-a-kind gifts. Little by little with every positive response, she gained more confidence and decided to open a small online handmade gifts store. I have helped her by creating this website and then joined as a maker of needle felted and crochet items. Like my mom cannot live without knitwork in her hands, I also spend all of my free time with crochet hooks or felting needles. Thus in the hand knitted section on our HandyDuo shop you will find Aušra’s crafts, while I am responsible for needle felted and crochet categories.

We believe that people still value handmade items and invite you to take a look at our handicrafts and find something you need or choose a warm, subtle and cute gift!

You are also welcome to visit our shop in the Etsy community: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HandyDuo.


Hand knitted gloves - handmade gifts by HandyDuo